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XÁMPARI - HORDA Music Video from Mariano Santilli on Vimeo.

This is a video from a band called ‘Xampari’. I’ve had the honor to work on 12-14 shots. It was really fun, especially if you like zombies :)

Here’s the full description:

The last zombie on the earth in a post-Apocalyptic Buenos Aires. Music video for Xámpari, a rock band from Argentina.

Idea y Dirección: Mariano Santilli - Producción y Edición: Daniela Kisinovsky
Dirección de arte en rodaje: Barbara Lavia - Ayudante de cámara: Juani Casale - Maquillaje: Lucia Escudero

Composición y VFX 
Fede Beret - Lucas di Rago - Javier Pazzano - Mariano Santilli

Composición adicional:
Ezequiel Cesana - Sergio Pickelny - Matias Mastrogiano - Fernando Cimino

Matte Paintings
Pablo Aschei - Fede Beret


Fede Beret

Banda Zombie:
Pablo Plex Ventura
Javier Pazzano
Pedro Casavecchia
Federico Romano
Tianno Ze

Elvira ¨Tita¨ Sinde
Denise Mellebovsky
Ana Almirón
Luciana Couste
Eliana Couste
Jesus Medina
Jesica Magallanes
José Correyero
Juan Manuel Barreiro
Matías Diale
Martín Begue
Ezequiel Rivadeneira
Matías Sagiotto
Bárbara Caccialanza
Paula Rodriguez
Santiago Lavia
Pablo Aschei
Fernando Incetta
Fernando Chiro Aguirre
Daniel Macol
Katiuska Vasquez

Alejandro Mazar Barnett
Bárbara Caccialanza
Mauro Petrelli
Toni Agoglitta (Agogli, Tatí!!)
Carlos Villafañe
Natalia Paez

Excellent short film I just spotted on Vimeo. It’s from 3DAR, an Argentinian Company, here’s the site.

Santa wishes you to all VFX people a merry christmas and a happy new year… inside a Node Graph!! ;)
Best wishes
Your friendly neighbor,

Santa wishes you to all VFX people a merry christmas and a happy new year… inside a Node Graph!! ;)

Best wishes

Your friendly neighbor,


All your cache belongs to Us / Useful tips for understanding cache management in Nuke

Major Kong made this really good article about how the cache works in Nuke. Definitely  worth reading it. Also, if you haven’t used J_Ops yet, you’re missing some great tools. Here’s the link to get them.


Shattered fun

Yesterday I read this interview in Nukepedia about Frederich Munch and the tools his developing (You can read the interview here), so I went to his page and downloaded the Beta release of both Geometry and Dynamic Tools.

After playing around a little bit, while watching the examples (since there’s no documentation yet) I got this ball hitting a pre-fractured wall working, and I set it up using Atomkraft for rendering.

Dynamics inside Nuke

The results are quite fast; I haven’t tried it in a proper computer, since I’m in China right now, I only have my Core 2 Duo Macbook, and it’s as fast as a one-wheel scooter =/

After setting up an rig using Atomkraft, I was ready to give it a go and render it out. With a modest shading sampling of 1.0 (AK actually needs like a 4.0 for final delivering, but it would take forever on my laptop) took 1 hour and 10 minutes to render 100 EXR frames with all the passes. AK gives you a lot of passes, most of them I honestly have no idea what they are (like Calories and Bent Normals i.e.), but here are a few that actually would come in handy if needed.

Atomkraft output passes 

And finally, and quicktime output of a quick comp using the depth channel to give it a narrow DoF.

Playing with Dynamic Tools + Atomkraft in Nuke from Luke di Rago on Vimeo.

A quick test using Freiderich Munch’s Dynamic Tools and Jupiter Jazz’s Atomkraft for simulating / rendering inside Nuke.


Hope you enjoyed it! I’ll try to keep playing and maybe get something out of the SoftBody Dynamics using this toolset :)

See ya!

NUKE 7.0 ModelBuilder from Hieronymus Foundry on Vimeo.

The Foundry released a demo video of Model Builder, and so far, it looks amazing. Can’t wait for it

Great tutorial on reducing light wrap artifacts // (sl)Edge-hammer to reduce light wrap

I just stumbled upon with this written tut in Nukepedia, seemed quite simple and effective, just wanted to share it :D



First Look at AtomKraft 3D Environment for After Effects

Great tutorials for AK in After Effects by Lester Banks! Although I mostly using it in Nuke, the settings are pretty similar. One of the few resources for Atomkraft out there.



Snow White and The Huntsman / Thinking Particles and their use for the Shattering Knights

Last week I went to see Snow White and The Huntsman. The overall look of the film was a-mazing; not only VFX wise, but in terms of visual storytelling, camera shots, art direction, etc. One of my favorites was the black shattered knights, here’s the Cebas testimonial about the use of thinkingParticles on the movie. Now I’m waiting some breakdowns and articles about the Dwarves, that really blew my head up.